Ikepod x KAWS

March 7, 2012


Can’t Help You On the price but KAWS strikes again! Ikepod x KAWS. via Ikepod x KAWS. Advertisements

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What has Paris taught the Flush one? Step up Your Scarf game!

March 5, 2012


For real, it’s a chilly season in Paris and one thing that fights chill like no other is a Scarf.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell the East Coast heads this but I’m a Cali Native (that’s right) and a scarf to us, is like a really long, effeminate Bandana… I’m just being honest […]

Kid Flush Moves to Paris

January 28, 2012


That’s right, we’re taking this flush show on the road.  Though there hasn’t been much show, I figure just being in Paris should make me wanna put you up on some cutting edge fashion, I’ll just figure out how to do it on the cheap.  Stay tuned.

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20-20 Watch is Half Off!

August 16, 2011


Ah, days make such a difference.  A couple of days ago, I could have bought this watch and bounced my payment to the Franchise Tax Board.  Unfortunately, the tax man got his money and the $2 bucks in my bank account isn’t going to cover this 20-20 watch that Ecko is selling for 50% off […]

Soylent Green Tees $10 bucks!

March 8, 2011


Ten bucks, rock it under your blazer!             TeeFury

Triumvir Drops off the Planet?!? I Give You Caked OUt

March 6, 2011


I noticed that searches for Triumvir were on the rise at KidFlush.  Initially, I figured they were just digging on the Red Lion Parka but today I decided to head over to Triumvir3.com and see if they were still selling the thing.  It’d probably be like $5bucks by now and I love a bargain.  But […]

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Get Flush: OSNS Jump-Off

March 4, 2011


Military look never goes out of favor, why?  It’s streetwear’s wet dream, utilitarian and rugged; well constructed and simply stylish.  Clean lines, straight seams, it feels like you’re a survivor in this.  Can rock well with anything and won’t let you down when the elements come at you full on. Not the least expensive but […]