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Warby Parker’s Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa Interview 10 Essentials: 10 Essentials: GQ

March 7, 2012


Here we go, rock some specs.  Now to be honest, specs aren’t really a Kidflush thing, especially if you don’t have a prescription.  Do they make you look smarter?  I don’t know, I suppose.  But it CAN be a cool SKA-ish accessory and if you can get an ill style for cheap, go for it. […]

Get Flush: OSNS Jump-Off

March 4, 2011


Military look never goes out of favor, why?  It’s streetwear’s wet dream, utilitarian and rugged; well constructed and simply stylish.  Clean lines, straight seams, it feels like you’re a survivor in this.  Can rock well with anything and won’t let you down when the elements come at you full on. Not the least expensive but […]

Smart Caps

February 26, 2011


Rock a smart cap, chap!  Belfry Street Modena has a few smart caps on sale like the one you see here.  It’s a bit over 20% off I’d say, they have more, take a gander and develop a Flush London Steez!

Ditch the Hoodie, it’s Blazer Steez!

February 26, 2011


For every season… turn, that’s what they say, I agree.  Kidflush is much about snappy outerwear, a flush coat just turns me out but I haven’t been much for the sportcoat.  I mean the sportcoat is a little… one dimensional, I mean, honestly it can’t really keep you warm, however it can keep you fly. […]

It’s Time to Cop That Kit! USA 2010 Away Soccer Tee $29.99!!

June 23, 2010


Let’s Roll, Bitches! World Soccer Shop

The Best of 2010 World Cup Gear!

June 15, 2010


This is coming from Complex so you know you’re talking some tight stuff here. Check it out. COMPLEX

Up to %80 off @ Eurosport

June 10, 2009


Get ya Footie on, get ya footie on (what?), get ya footie on, get ya footie on(wh0).  That’s my little song right there.  I made it up just now.  Well the premiership is over, damn Manchester United took it (boo!)  Liverpool got no silverware this year which makes me a little sad.  Though we did […]