To stay SuperDry and SuperWarm in New York

Posted on January 7, 2013


KidFlush is in New York now, so clothing is a lot more essential than it was in Los Angeles.  I mean, you can’t walk around naked in LA but then again, you really can’t walk around LA, you have to drive.  That’s one reason why you don’t have to sweat your look too much, with LA traffic you’ll be sitting in the car for most of the day.  The other reason is that the weather in LA is nonexistent.  The weather is a blank slate set at a temperature in which you can’t always feel whether its warm or cold.  Well it’s hardly ever cold.  But I digress.IMG_1018

In New York, there is weather, so clothing in multiple layers and for multiple seasons is required.  And since New York is a walking, busing, subway-ing town, you gotta be looking good when you go out, cause you’re going to be out.  Granted, no one is going to look at you (while you’re looking) but they’re going to see you.  I can say that being from LA, I’ve been seen and looked at by New Yorkers from toddlers to seniors.  No matter where KidFlush goes, everyone looks at his shoes.  But I’m stubborn, I like my westcoast shoe decisions, and clothing styles, its just my aesthetic.  But the kind of looks Chuck Taylors get during winter time in New York, makes me check to see if they aren’t on fire.  But let’s not talk shoes, let’s talk coats.

Yes, coats, of which the proper style I also lacked, upon my arrival in New York.  I brought a pretty smooth looking Calvin Klein, wool trench but it’s a bit over tasked for my usually daily style.  So I had to resort to layers.  A sweater under a DKNY windbreaker, under a Marc Ecko, Cut and Sew faux, black bomber and an obligatory Zoo York scarf.  But this was barely making the grade once the temperatures dipped into the low 30’s.  Without a proper coat, you just don’t want to go outside.  It’s like jumping into the deep end of the pool from the third tier diving platform, it’s gonna take a drill sergeant to get you in.

I needed a nice warm coat.  And I wasn’t going bubble, goose down or even Han Solo on Hoth, snorkel; no, not this time.  Those coats are great, it’s like taking a blanket outside with you but I wanted something different.  I wanted something futuristic.  Something Cyberpunk and something that would guarantee warmth and do it without looking like it.  People were going to look and say, “is he warm in that coat, it looks so thin?”  or “he’s gonna freeze his ass off.”  (westcoast clothing decisions) Well, the solution came to me as I strolled through ole’ Chelsea one pre Christmas evening window shopping.  SuperDryTag

Ah yes, I saw the Hiragana printed alongside the English and I knew I had the solution to my problem.  Japan has to rank among the top three in utilitarian fashion.  And they are very cutting edge, futuristic and incredibly fashionable.  However, affordability isn’t one of their strong suits.  So I thought, I might be priced out of the SuperDry experience.  Well truth be told, SuperDry is a UK company with Japanese design (I believe) and there is one amazing thing; the coats are affordable!

Yes!  You can afford a SuperDry coat AND, its going to keep you warm.  The thing about SuperDry is, though the coats are affordable, everything else is a bit overpriced.  Not overpriced in comparison to other fashionable brands, there it’s about equal, just overpriced in general.  When I say overpriced, I mean $60 T-shirts and that kind of thing.  But at SuperDry, you can get a winter coat for under $200 dollars!  You can get a simply gorgeous pea coat or semi trench for under $400 dollars!

I initially priced product at the SuperDry website.  Now if you want access to everything they have to offer, in one place, you’ll have to go here.  in fact, I’m glad I checked the website first to see what I wanted, then went to see if the brick and mortar had it in.  And better, if they had it on sale.  I mean, there had to be a sale… at least a good chance of one.  And the website was having none of that.

Now I can’t speak for today, but as of about three days ago, in New York, SuperDry was having a sale (pretty sure it’s still going on).  A post holiday sale and that appears to be chain wide.  But mind you this, the separate stores have different items on sale.  Now KidFlush hit two stores.  I stopped first at SuperDry near NYU.  Now, I checked Yelp when I was looking for the location and I saw some stuff about some stores having bad customer service.  Personally, this is not something I give two shits about.  In fact, leave me the hell alone and let me look.  You don’t even have to be polite at the counter just ring me up and don’t forget the discounts.  But I experienced no such issues of bad customer service or whatever.  At the NYU store I was greated quite well AND left to my own devices!  Perfection. IMG_1029

The sign outside denoted up to 60% off and guess what?  It wasn’t bullshit!  Coats!  Wonderful, SuperDry coats were marked off, some by as much as 50%!.  They had Leathers half off. I only wanted to spend about $200 on a coat and I could see I would be able to do that but the sales were tempting me to do more.  The issue, though, was that they didn’t have a few of the coats that I had singled out on the website.  But they did have some coats that I was on the fence about and seeing them in person swayed me.  In truth, I just didn’t realize some of the coats I saw WERE the same I saw on the website.  In the end, I decided to head to another Brick and Mortar.  The Time Square branch is  said to be the largest in New York, so I figured they would have the widest selection.  This turned out to be the right decision.

The Time Square shop was a large split level affair and right off I saw much more product than I had seen on the website, so my hopes were high that I’d find the coat I wanted to buy.  What I found was that the coat I knew I couldn’t afford was 50% off.  Now let me quickly say, the NYU shop had another coat I knew i couldn’t afford on sale as well.  But it would be a bit over my ceiling and I wasn’t as impressed with its look in person.  But the coat I found was the Off Jermyn Street Pea Trench.  Oh, wow…. when I set eyes on this coat, I couldn’t believe such a thing could actually be half off whatever it’s price tag was ($400 bucks!).  But that 50% off sign was almost bigger than the coat itself.  And there were a bunch of them, so I knew I’d find my size and I did.


When I lifted it off the rack I felt the heft of something other than your average pea coat.  This was almost like doing curls at the gym.  So, that set my mind, a bit, at ease.  I knew I had a great chance at winter warmth.  I asked to use a fitting room and was told I could use it for a small fee.  For a split second, I thought the guy was serious; I mean, you gotta pay for grocery bags these days.  His delivery was very deadpan but he was only joking.  The sales people, again, were willing to leave you alone, which I found amazing, and yeah, you may have to assert yourself a bit when you want their help but whatever.

Once in the fitting room, I anxiously stripped off my layers  and picked up the coat.  As the coat fell open, I saw the elaborate lining which resembled kevlar plating.  I slid my arm into the coat and it slid into the sleeve as is through a tube.  I slung the coat around, got my other arm in and let it fall across my shoulders.  In a split second, I knew it would be warm.  It felt like a suit of armor.  its slim construction was not thin but dense.  The coat was heavy but the weight was distributed evenly throughout.  When I buttoned it up, it formed snugly around my chest and back.  It was an XL.  I wear a 42 long in coats and my waist is a 36.  The coat fit me as if tailored to my measurements.  There was a little tightness under the arms and some restriction when I lifted my arms above my head but nothing that felt off size.  It’s just that you feel the coat on you.  The rigidity of the coat speaks to its ability to keep you warm.  So there is a bit of a trade off.  A SuperDry coat can keep you warm, with a slim profile but A) you can’t bundle under it  B) It has a heavy feel and C) it has a slim fit.

Having had a good deal of experience with Pea Coats in cold weather, usually, the coat leaves a lot of room for cold air to get in.  They usually come with a separate, removable lining but Pea Coats seem to require some extra bundling underneath when temperatures are in the low 30’s or below.  The Off Jermyn Street Trench will require no such thing.  SuperDry asks you to have faith that they will keep you warm and looking at the thickness of their coats, its hard to take it on faith.  You won’t be able to fall back on bundling, if a SuperDry coat fails you.  But the good news is, it won’t.  SuperDry lives up to their reputation.  Whether its the dense construction or the Zippering scheme, SuperDry manages to keep you warm and stylish at a very reasonable price.  And they are generous in sizing.  I saw up to 2XL!

There was no question I was going to make the purchase.  I really wanted to wear it out but I’d just have to make one last chilly trip to my flat before I could transform myself into someone who was actually warm.  When I took the coat out for a spin, I gave it the ultimate test.  At 32 degrees, I went out with only a thin T-shirt underneath.  By the time I was on my way home, I had that coat unbuttoned with just my scarf to cover my chest.  Success!


So if you’re looking for a coat to keep you warm and you don’t want to bundle, check out SuperDry.  Hit the website first and give it a spin.  SuperDry offers plenty of colorway options with their coats.  The variation of cuts and styles is adequate.  The fact that you don’t want to stop seeing different looks from them may disappoint you a bit.  You just don’t want to stop seeing coats when you scroll through their site.  But that is not because they have a limited selection.  They have an amazing selection and great prices.  If you don’t have a brick and mortar shop in your town you’ll be restricted to the website but as I said, even without a sale, SuperDry has great prices on coats.

So I don’t know what your coat situation is for this winter or the next but you’d do well to look into SuperDry.   If not now, then the future, because I  can’t wait to see what they come up with next.  And for LA folks, well, they have some blazers I’m sure will see you through winter.  Check them out.  If not now, then the future, because I  can’t wait to see what they come up with next.