What has Paris taught the Flush one? Step up Your Scarf game!

Posted on March 5, 2012



For real, it’s a chilly season in Paris and one thing that fights chill like no other is a Scarf.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell the East Coast heads this but I’m a Cali Native (that’s right) and a scarf to us, is like a really long, effeminate Bandana… I’m just being honest (hehehe) Naw, people rock scarves in LA but it’s a bit pretentious.  Don’t get me wrong, it get’s cold out there but not scarf cold.  The cold snaps are just too infrequent to be rocking scarves.  Scarf rockers are probably, mostly transports.

But hey, there ain’t nothing wrong with rocking a scarf if scarves are called for.  But I’d say the major stumbling block and clowning point for those new to scarves would probably be how to actually wear one.  Now Kidflush would tell you, there ain’t no wrong way to rock a scarf.  Whatever keeps that neck warm but it still helps to have a couple of go to scarf moves.  Don’t forget, the size and type of scarf is gonna have a lot to do with how you can put it down…

Upon searching google for illustrations for tying a scarf, well, let’s just say, you’re gonna have to learn from a girl.