Triumvir Drops off the Planet?!? I Give You Caked OUt

Posted on March 6, 2011


I noticed that searches for Triumvir were on the rise at KidFlush.  Initially, I figured they were just digging on the Red Lion Parka but today I decided to head over to and see if they were still selling the thing.  It’d probably be like $5bucks by now and I love a bargain.  But to my chagrin, one of those generic sites came up.  So either, Triumvir was too busy making clothes to renew their domain name or Triumvir has shuttered.

I’m not sure which one it is but let me be the first to say, Triumvir will be missed if it is no more.  But as I do brief internet research, I land at Caked Out Clothing.  Here: “Caked Out is a graphic Tee adventure from the boys behind classic nu-streetwear legends Triumvir” a quote I found at True To Life Clothing

Looking at the Tee’s on the Caked Out Lookbook I definitely see the creative minds behind Triumvir at work.  But bummer, Tee’s are cool but coats and jeans and… stuff other than T-shirts is frickin awesome.  But also massively more expensive to produce than just Tee’s and times have been tough.  Well, I wouldn’t count those guys out, if they have shuttered I’m sure they’ll be back with something new at some point and I’ll find it.  Stay tuned as I’ll continue to track the story.

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