Ditch the Hoodie, it’s Blazer Steez!

Posted on February 26, 2011


Mantoni Uomo Jacket $130 bucks

For every season… turn, that’s what they say, I agree.  Kidflush is much about snappy outerwear, a flush coat just turns me out but I haven’t been much for the sportcoat.  I mean the sportcoat is a little… one dimensional, I mean, honestly it can’t really keep you warm, however it can keep you fly.

This year I’m suggesting you find a really sharp and practical everyday sportcoat.  That’s right, if you were going to rock a hoodie, forgo that and rock a blazer.  Find one that’s somewhat rugged and with plenty of pockets so you can stow your regular people stuff.

Make sure this blazer is rugged enough to handle the perils of everyday wear and also make sure it’s going to “wear” well.  That means it should develop a kind of unique lived-in look but not become ragged, like you’re sleeping outside in it.  You don’t want to look like a homeless stockbroker!  You want to look like the rugged urban adventurist.  You know, mix a little London Steez in your broth.

Yes, blazers are more your dad’s style but that’s what makes it fun, go out and find that blazer that YOU can pull off, the one that looks ill with your favorite sneaks and jeans.  Hell, if you can find a blazer to rock with short pants… you’ve really done it!  Now go out and BLAZE a trail!

Oh Yeah: Rock a smart cap to really set off your London Steez!