Complex Gives Up 10 on the Nylon Strap Watch

Posted on July 19, 2010


10 Best Under $200

And these are all under $200 bills!  Now that’s flush.  Yes, July is a good month to rethink that watch.  Be versatile, don’t forget fall’s around the corner; make sure you have something fly peaking out from under that peacoat sleeve!  But for now, it’s warm, down right hot at times… that’s right, it’s summer.  Cool that wrist off a bit, lighten that load.  Let the nylon make you feel light and airy in the summer stifle.  Let that relaxing look flow all the way to the wrist, white button down, khaki shorts, nylon strap watch, strolling on the beach with a fair meal in your stomach and fairer maiden on your arm.  You know what time it is.