Make a Flush Watch For Yourself

Posted on July 5, 2010


$24.99 @ Army Surplus Store

If it’s gonna be Military watches this season, no reason why you have to spend a lot.  If you can’t find one cheap at your local surplus, go sport.

$98.99 @ Sport Chalet

Like diving or surfing, snag the face piece off and put on your own Military style wristband to set it off.  Play with the look as well, who knows what face might look lethal with the right strap.

$1.79 @ Sport Chalet

And speaking of straps, Kidflush likes to keep it all the way utilitarian so how about the Cetacea Velcro Strap?  This strap actually doubles as a knife, don’t ask me how.  Watch band mode is fine, but you never know when you may need a little MacGruber… I mean MacGuyver-ness to put your game through the uprights.