Does it Benefit a Man to Look Like He’s From the 60’s? The Suit

Posted on April 29, 2010


Well, you can look like George from a Single Man but do you want to?  Will you look like an extra from a period piece?  Where does that look really fit in this modern world?  I would like to see the return of the suit for the everyman.  It would be fun to create some individuality within the stark confines of the suit.  Eventhough it has many options, a suit is still pretty limited in scope.  Zoot suit on one side, Tom Ford, Gucci suit on the other.  Both are stunningly flush but neither seem reasonable in today’s environment.

I just don’t know if we can get away with wearing the suit nowadays.  I don’t think we really deserve them.  Our veil of professionalism is far too thin to continue to hide behind a suit.  The wearers of the suit have not proven themselves at all dignified; on the contrary, the worse the person, the slicker their suit.  There’s just something about the suit.  You can try and appropriate the suit to your style, drag it off it’s pedastal and pair it with sneakers or stud belts, T-shirts and neckerchief’s but you have to work too hard to maintain it!

Many times I have vowed to change to a suit style, a sport coat or blazer as my daily jacket but it just doesn’t work.  You know when you watch an old movie, maybe noir, and the guy is on the run or something, been wearing that suit for a few days, it’s cold outside.  Turn that lapel up and you look like an instant bum.  The sport coat offers no warmth or durability.  If you’re found in a dirty sport coat, it’s worse than a dirty jacket or anything else that’s casual in nature.  Being in a dirty suit just says, I became homeless the day I put this baby on!

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