Debonair Hits the Wire With: How to…

Posted on April 29, 2010


…Buy a watch under $2000 dollars?  How to paint a small apartment and what’s the difference between a Mac and a Trench coat? These things answered in the newest issue of Debonair Mag.  So I guess a Mac isn’t what I’m typing this on…

On Any Budget?

But what looks to be the coolest piece is How To Dress Like George, a Single Man on any Budget. Of course they refer to the Tom Ford film where everyone looks flush, smooth and… gay I guess.  But “any budget” caught my eye as well.  To be totally honest I would have to think they were lying.  You can’t look like a guy out of a Tom Ford film on “any budget” can you?  I’ll let you decide.

Debonair Mag

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