Black and White at the End of Time

Posted on March 22, 2010


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The way things are going, it’s looking like we may need to toughen up out there. The ground is coming apart beneath our feet and the sky is definitely falling. There isn’t much time to wait around for people to realize that, they may be doing something really destructive to themselves and others. As other, large, countries start to feel the warm jacuzzi of a thriving industrial age, characters are surfacing that haven’t been seen since the days of Prohibition.  SuperCriminals are discovering the Tommy Gun for the 21st Century; wielding the power of a continent from a lap top (that may be a bit exaggerated). And what of our streets? Rising home and rental prices are making low rent areas attractive to everybody. And now many different people are willing to live next to each other… and still… maybe not even… accept each other but hey… times tough, right?

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Crazy times, crazy times… and when times are crazy, then you know the night time is twice as crazy. Late night partying is a fertile ground for wild and crazy stories of inebriated debauchery and near death experiences.  Late night partying is like a Shin Megami Tensei, land of the dead that only appears after midnite. The landscape changes, all that remain are the soldiers, the warriors, the demons. Those with the myriad reasons for being out on the streets all night. They are like the stories of the dead in the underworld. It’s a real thrilling adventure.

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But for every adventure, the adventurer must be properly equipped. If you plan to venture into this world of edgy dive bars, switchblade chicks, party girls and after hours parties, you should have the simple advantage. Wear black and white.

Think about it, it’s all that really works in the dark. It’s perfect under any club or bar lighting experiment and is pretty impervious to staining, black that is, white is worn in some protective or limited state. white top under black coat, or white graphic on black tee. A good, quality silk screen graphic on a black tee is impervious to stain. The aesthetic is durable. You can have a roller coaster of a night, maybe kind of puke on yourself but you should be able to clean up if you’re rocking the black.
And finally, rock a durable style of gear. Good quality Street gear. Go for quality and solid durable construction. The more durable the coat, the better it will look after the rigors of late night partying.
But this is for those of you people that are the party. Wherever you congregate, whether it’s on a stoop with a 12pack or on the roof of the Standard. Down to party anywhere they’ll let you in without a hassle. Stick with Black and White, durable materials and you’ll be ready to party in this age of Aquarius.

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