Triumvir Winter Web Store Sale! 40%-60% off!!!

Posted on December 12, 2009


Okay, I’m speaking from experience here (and of course I love Triumvir) you will come up on a bunch of stuff for cheap!  I mean, mainly T-shirts (probably) but jeans and coats are not to be missed!  Even a quick trick to Triumvir’s webstore right now will net you some deals on clearance items and off season stuff but the sale?  Flush.  They are also putting winter ’09 stuff on sale which means 5 or 10 dollar shirts… probably.  Go check it out.  Of course click the add to be taken there.  Sale goes from Dec 9th, 9am Pacific (Westcoast, bay bay)  to Dec 16th 9pm ( I get paid on the 17th :/ )