Flush Five from PacSun!

Posted on July 24, 2009


Well, I like when I can go to a webstore and buy a whole outfit, on sale.  Just a big fat mission accomplished and I didn’t have to do anything.  And that’s what I’ve done here (wait, I did stuff) by choosing the Quicksilver Quick Carver Sandals, the Kirra Jacob Shorts and the Hurley Haven Tank.  All three on sale, all three have an additional 5o% off the markdown and, frankly, all three look good together.  Now, the shorts are black, they go with anything (go figure) but hey, there’s a whole gaggle of Tank Tops over at PacSun; might as well stand out as the guy who chose the good looking one.  Now to be honest, as hot as its been lately (lately?  It’s summer!), I’d just as soon not wear anything black until the sun went down.  But when it does, light blue, dark blue and black?  You’re looking smooth and then the sandals flip flops?  Flush, kid…  You do stuff outside when the sun is down right?  Bonfires? I don’t know, night time, summer party stuff… up on the roof!

For the last two items on my list, I went the route of the Graphic Tee.  I found the coolest script graphic in the Billabong Surface Tee I’m not totally into the silvery-ness of it but the font is dope.  The green’s not a bad color for it either, looks like it’ll age well.   The coolest (photo) graphic is on the Chief Rocka Tee.  Feathers are ill, got the shades, simple but original.  Neither of these are on sale, which does suck, BUT all the other stuff is, like 75% off and it’s brand new, what more can you ask?  Smooth it out with a Tee or two from the current line (LOL, the flag ship piece?) then you’ll be legit.