PacSun, passing out the Sunshine With Additional 50% off!

Posted on July 22, 2009




Slap me if I ever suggest a hoodie in the summertime.  It’s hot!  This is when keeping it hood goes wrong.  So on my virtual trip to PacSun I was looking to get something lightweight (if not cool) and simple.  What I got was tank tops.  But hey, I mean, as long as your pits are civilized these weekends call for an opportunity to wear a damn tank top (nothing where it’s gonna be tight and crowded).  If not?  You need to create that opportunity.  So you want tank tops, you got tank tops: click on.

Well not much has changed since the last time I visited the PacSun website.  They have a music tab now, so you can listen to music while you click away.  That’s cool.  But I must say the items that were on sale haven’t changed.  What has changed was the addition (subtraction) of 50% off the markdown.    What’s better?  Those tank tops I balked on before are looking real good right now, especially with that extra half off.  I’ll be a cheap, flushkid today.

Anyway, the layout is simple, plain and to the point, just how I like it.  Along the left side is a list, girls on top, guys on the bottom.  You click something, you go there, you see clothes.  The centerpiece of the page flashes 2 for one deals and has models acting like they aren’t modeling the clothes.  Current deals on the right, feature that which we will not mention (hoodies) on sale.

So as I start clicking on stuff I remember why I liked this site before, it worked right (correctly).  They had three alternate views for each selection, suggestions and a big fat “add to cart” button.  I hate when that button is tiny.  All I can bitch about is: they didn’t have a last viewed window.  I didn’t miss it or anything but I had to say something was wrong (journalistic integrity).  It was also great to see a Paypal option for payment.  Flip that eBay money!

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