Hit over the head at Boscov’s!

Posted on June 4, 2009


We used to have a saying around my way.  When you got robbed (payed too much money for something) we called it getting “Hit Over the Head” you know, like a mugging.  So I took a little shopping trip at Boscov’s.com cause I heard there were some deals on stuff I would like.  That is if I could find stuff I liked.  They had some of my favorite brands, Quicksilver, Billabong, Ecko, Levi’s… etc.  They even had that stuff on sale.  But the sale wasn’t so great.  If you’ve followed this blog for the last few days, you will have seen some DEALS.  Boscov’s has stuff on sale but not too on sale.

$38.40 @ Boscov's

$38.40 @ Boscov's


Extra Extra Shirt $19.99 @ Ecko.com

Extra Extra Shirt $19.99 @ Ecko.com

That’s almost $20bucks off!  And the shirt at Boscov’s ? It’s on sale. This is not encouraging, people.  In fact, it was a turn off; shopping boner went down.

It’s great that Boscov’s has different name brands that they offer.  Brands like Ecko and Quicksilver are my favorite but they also have Hurley and Billabong.  But if I’m shopping on the internet I don’t need to hit up a department store and buy overpriced stuff I like.  I can click on over to the actual company’s website.  Duh!  I mean seriously, don’t they get that?

The website itself is begging you to leave it.  Unless you’re a grandma (an old one) you’re not going to be impressed.  They use a broke-ass BestBuy’s type web layout.  It’s not all bad, they have thumbnails for their products but it’s like Joe Rogan said about a guy who was about to get submitted on a rear naked choke, “He’s not going to get submitted by that unless he really sucks!”  You don’t have thumbnails for you product, you really suck.

The selection of things I actually am somewhat interested in purchasing was small:  Quicksilver metric walkshort, Quicksilver sick day polo shirt, Levi’s roadie 514 jeans, Izod American Chino flat front pant and Roberts ID bill fold by Fossil (Ecko church key wallet hangover).

I’ll tell you what else sucks.  I’m looking for men’s clothing, menswear, something, I can’t find it.  Oh wait, “shop for him” there it is.  The words: Men’s or Clothes are nowhere to be found.  I’m shopping for me, dummy.  Shop for him?  Who, Bruno?  I just take it to mean that young, stunningly handsome and intellectual men aren’t their demographic (I’m trying to say those things are me.).  Boscov’s is a total link debacle, LOL.  They list brand and category in a kind of mixed bag list.  If you click on, say shorts, you’re not going to see every brand of short.  You have to select Young Mens & Jeans to find Quicksilver, Ecko and Levi’s.  So they should list the bum-ass khakis under Old Farts & Boring F–kers. Or maybe Recession CEO commercials wear.

I was tempted to look at their shoe selection but I decided to save that for another day… in hell.  But seriously, I did explore their jean collection and… you remember being a kid and being dragged to, like, J.C. Penny’s when you were a kid?  You needed to get some jeans, had to be Penny’s.  But you don’t fret, I mean it’s in a mall, they’ll have jeans you can wear.  No, you get Union Bay and other mark brand stuff.  Oh wait, there go some Levi’s… 638’s? (Roadie 514?) That’s kinda like Boscovs.  They DO have name brand jeans, just bunk as models.  Naw, they got a few legit jeans but don’t expect to save too much (cop out).

Parting shots:  The Hotbuys page lists all the sales, somewhat useful.  As seen for TV category… haven’t seen most of that stuff on TV, then again I don’t watch a lot of basic cable, infomercials.

Hey, Boscov’s has a lot of stuff (I wasn’t looking for a lot of stuff, just clothes) but when it comes to Men’s clothing, there aren’t many real values.

Click the pic from Boscov’s for the link.  The more expensive one.

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