Lost in Yakuza 2

Posted on June 3, 2009


Yakuza #2 $29.99

Yakuza #2 $29.99

it ain’t easy being Yakuza, you might be rolling with a wobbly-ass clan or maybe you got a boss who just doesn’t know when to quit and makes too many enemies– wait my game life and style life are bleeding into each other on this one.

I find myself, at present, lost in the Japanese underworld, courtesy of my PS3/2 in which I play Yakuza 2.  I’m writing a walkthrough for it.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I find these Yakuza #2 shorts… on sale… from Ecko.com.  These were $48bucks and now they are $29.99!  Maybe I’ll use the bounty for finishing Yakuza 2 the game on buying Yakuza #2 the shorts.  Click the pic for the link.

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