Varsity II: For the Eastsiders! Eastern Scrimmage $28.99!

Posted on May 29, 2009


Champion Heritage 'Eastern' Scrimmage JerseyGood things come with Two-needle flat-lock stitching.  Champion’s Vintage line, the Heritage collection strikes again with the Eastern Scrimmage Jersey.  This has all the comfortable benefits of a cotton football jersey and style points for the ungaudiness (in my opinion).  It’s roomy so you can layer with it and that’s important.  It’s comfortable and it’s sturdy with reinforced elbows.  Just a hint of red in the lettering for an athletic institution that will neither stoke curiosity or anger (it shouldn’t get you stabbed at a Raider game, then again…).  It’s only $28.99 at Champion.  It comes in three different colors, definitely worth checking out but it’s a buy if you ask me.  Don’t forget to get a %50 rebate at RebateZoo.  Takes money to make money (that’s what Champion is saying!)  Click the link below!

Champion Eastern Scrimmage Jersey


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