The Flush Five: 5 top picks from!

Posted on May 29, 2009


Champion Heritage 'Eastern' Scrimmage Jersey

Champion Heritage 'Eastern' Scrimmage Jersey $28.99

My top 5 items from the Champion website: Gothic graphic T-shirt, Property of T-shirt, Men’s 3pk crewneck T-shirts, Champion Heritage Eastern Scrimmage jersey and Champion Heritage Varsity Men’s kick-off.  There, I didn’t bury the lead (That’s a lead-off quintuple! Batting .500).  I chose these for their style and appeal.  The designs are subtle enough, except for a few glaring Champions logos (sigh).  All Champion wear is tough, durable and above all, comfortable which is a big plus.  All my selections here are affordable and most are on sale.  I could speak of the stitch work and crafting of the Vintage Collection football jerseys but I’ve already posted about that.  It’s good work and a more “stylish” brand would charge you three times this.  I love Ecko (and I’ll get you some deals there too.) but if this was an Ecko jersey it’d be like $50 or $80 bucks, retail.  Not that it wouldn’t be worth it, because of the quality, but I’m saying you get the quality and neutral aesthetic for a third of the price.

Champions Varsity Heritage Men's Kick off

Champions Varsity Heritage Men's Kick off $24.99

Now when you’re shopping online you want to get it done quick, cause you’re probably at work or something.  But even if you have time on your hands nothing discourages you more than an unwieldly user interface.  But not so with Champion, the layout is smooth and loads well.  There is a simple link list down the left side.  So it wasn’t hard to find cool things like their $8.99 Bestsellers sale. I found the 3-pack of Crewneck T-shirts and at Champion quality, that’s a steal.  It’s easy to find the Vintage Collection once you select whether you’re man or woman (‘I wear pants, I’m a man’) a new set of links appears on the left that displays all the men’s categories.


Champion 3pk Men's Crewneck T-shirt $8.99

What kind of sucks about the website is, it’s difficult to browse and come back to things.  You pretty much have to put things in your basket (like in a physical store) but I don’t like that. I’m just not comfortable with errant things in my basket because then it’s up to me to over scrutinize.  And I should scrutinize my purchases but the luddite in me thinks I’m gonna end up with, like, 10 of the same thing, none of which I wanted.  This site needs a last viewed window (or widget, as it were) like Amazon or even eBay or something as simple as a text only link list (all I want for Xmas is…).


Champion Gothic Graphic T $18.99

But alas, Champion is the brand for people that know what they want (not all browse around, no buy.).  You hit up the Champion website, you must be there for a reason.  I mean, you’re not looking for that elusive, hard to find Champion Yeezy or whatever.  You need some damn basketball shorts and  they need to be right (and cheap).  So when you’re on the way to getting your sturdy, comfortable, athletic gear, you see the Vintage Collection in the links and you’re like, ‘throwbacks?’  No.  Eastern Scrimmage jersey.  Thing is, Eastern Scrimmage jersey is awesome.  So you made out.  What sucks?  It is not on sale. 😦 However, it’s only $29 bucks and that thing will last a lifetime as long as you wanna keep having an awesome jersey.  Yeah, Champion is paying someone, to pay someone, to pay someone, to pay me to shop on their site, but at least I can shop on the whole site.  Then I can tell you what’s worth it and what’s not and you just sit there and love it (shh, don’t speak, don’t speak).


Champion 'Property of' T $18.99

But when you go to Champion you’ll at least be greeted with a sale.  You always wanna see some big percentage off graphics.  Cause even if’ it’s %1.5 off, if they ask if I want it or not, I’m checking: Yes!  You shave off those percentages and get free shipping, now you saved gas on the purchase (if you get my drift.).  Oh and feel free to accidentally click on the Bra Finder feature (NSFW ;)).

Make a bee Clickline over to Men’s Bestsellers and get some cheap stuff.  Tanks and shirts you can romp around in or just be comfortable in the house or when dragged to the market, whatever.  They got those basketball shorts I mentioned, they even got ankle socks.  So I’d hit that up, it’s fun getting stuff in the mail.  It’ll be like your virtual grandparents sending you socks!

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