Got Yeezy? Well Get 30% off footwear at the Attic!

Posted on May 29, 2009


Got Yeezy?

Do you know what a Yeezy is?  Well if you own a pair (you’re flush), and you’re really happy about that, you can get a shirt that celebrates your happiness.  That’s right, get your official “Got Yeezy?” T-shirt at The Attic.  These Yeezy’s are, frankly, in demand, so how about a little conspicuous consumption for a change.  You can have the Yeezys and the shirt that flatly asserts that you own them!  What’s better than that?  I’ll tell you what: get 30% off all denim and footwear, while supplies last.  Sadly, I didn’t see the Yeezy’s in their online shop… cause they’re rare.  But if you want to get your hands on the 3rd and final run of the Yeezy hit up the Attic on June 6th.  I’ll remind you.

The Attic

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