Are you a Champion Lover? Be one for $8.99!

Posted on May 29, 2009


No, I’m not going to sell you Viagra, I’m trying to sell you on a 3-pack of Crewneck Men’s Cotton T shirt for $8.99 from Champion USA.  It’s nice to rock a T shirt with a design or logo but some times you just gotta wear that plain, white T.  Brand new, you should layer with two, clean and soft.  The women will just want to rub on your soft, cotton-o-riffic chest, snuggle under your wing.  A definite cool move for the summer and pretty much consistent style points here.  The white T is kind of like jeans.  You can always get away with em’.  This is all part of Champion’s %50 off sale that’s going on right now.  Follow the link below and check out the whole store but don’t forget the T-shirts Champion Lover.

%50 off Champion gear

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